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Car hire in Rwanda

Thousands of people choose to hire cars while travelling in Rwanda because of the benefits one gets like Self Drive and the freedom and independence of traveling alone, you also travel in the car of your choices and also travel at your own pace at anytime. Self Drive Car hire also make your travel very comfortable and convenient. The latter benefits have made car hire in Rwanda so popular in such a way that any visitor in Rwanda would like to use car hire services.

However there are things you have to put in to your mind to have a successful car hire in Rwanda and also not so expensive.

Check if insurance is included in the price quotation of the car hire package. Competent car hire companies in Rwanda will include your insurance premium in the car hire pricing. If it is not includesd you may have to pay excess in case of any damage or accident while travelling. So it is better to read the agreement carefully and make sure that the insurance cover is included in the agreement and the fees sure be clearly be indicated.

Take note of the extra charges that may apply like early return, local taxes, limited mileage, and full tank among the common ones. It is important to take a keen eye on the extra charges because most of the times make you incur more extra costs and making car hire services more expensive than you expected.

Make sure that the prices you encounter on the internet are the same prices charged on the actual ground. Some car hire companies upload prices on the internet to entice more customers to take up their car hire packages yet in actual sense they charge highly when you book with them due to the extra charges they may not indicated on the internet.

Choose a car that fits in your budget. Choose a budget that will not affect your pockets. Always look for affordable cars. There are a variety of good looking cars at your display but do not get carried away and choose an expensive car that will dent your pockets and end up cursing car hire services. If you are two people going for a vacation, choose a compact car as they cheap cars to hire.

You must check if the car hired to you is full tank or half, this is done by most companies hiring cars for self drive in Rwanda to make sure that you drive to your hotel or any other destination without first time going to a fuel pump. However by making you check the fuel tank make you know what amount of fuel you will return the car with.

Agree on a favorable payment plan with the car hire company. In case you are going to use the car for long distance travelling  and for longer hours then you choose the per day payment plan and if you are going for a short trip around town for a short time then choose per hour payment plan. These tend to be more favorable than one another in the prevailing situation as discussed above.

It is essential to check if you can add an extra driver in your agreement with the car hire company. Some company can fine you in case they get to know if you used another driver who is not you yet sometimes you may need one if you are on a self drive in Rwanda for long distance. Since you will need some rest to rejuvenate some energy and also by using two drivers you do not get tired so much and also enjoy your journey.

Updated: November 18, 2017 — 10:00 am
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