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Driving tips in Rwanda

Rent a car Rwanda gives you some driving tips in Rwanda. These tips will guide you on how to behave while driving in Rwanda especially for the visitors and first-time tourists on a self drive in Rwanda
Self-drive car rental in Rwanda is one of the most sought after inspirational Rwanda Car rental mode through the a thousand hills of Rwanda and yes when you hire a good car from Rent a car Rwanda Whether one opts for business trip car rental in Rwanda or preferably Rwanda car hire for self drive and through Africa’s beautiful lands, it is always magical being behind the wheels in these lands. Just like any other country, Rent a car Rwanda has its basics to keep you safe throughout your Rwanda car rental period and here we share on some of the most important 8 driving tips in Rwanda.

Take out comprehensive car insurance. 

For as much as self drive in Rwanda is magical and inspirational sitting behind the wheels, it is also important that you consider taking a vehicle that is comprehensively insured and Make sure your car is ready for adventure. Uncerternities cant be avoided and so is the safety to have a comprehensively insured vehicles.

Observe speed limits. 

Driving in Rwandaroads is magical and safe if and only if you maintain  the speed limits on the roads as by the road signs. Slower cars keep to the left of the road and always watch out for pedestrians on the left. The maximum speed is 80kms/hour on the highways and 50kms in the centers/towns. Traffic police is always vigilant and on the lookout for speeding vehicles.

Keep valuable items hidden while driving.

 If you are traveling and got so valuable items in the rented car with you, please keep them away to disposal. This sometimes calls for attention from criminal minded people either following you up. Keep these safe from you and enjoy an inspirational self drive Rwanda car rental in the peace of mind.

Make sure to have a spare tyre in your car.

 Driving tips in Rwanda on a self drive car rental necessitates one to always carry a spare tire with you and yes fixing the flat on your next stop or gas station should be a must. Flat tyres on the bumpy roads upcountry usually cause flat tyres after a long drive, these can not be a problem if you know how to change tires and when you have a good aerated spare tire with you.

Never Drink and Drive.

 Most important to avoid during your self-drive safari in Rwanda is avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or any other antoxic materials. Most roads and highways have very crazy drivers and need sober concentration to avoid uncerternities. With many car rental agreements, this would fall under reckless driving and the driver would be liable for all the damages and costs incurred. Most insurance policies would never cover up such un certernities proved under reckless driving.

Don’t run out of fuel (Self drive car rental in Rwanda): 

You would not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of the jungle with an empty tank? Would you? Always make sure to have a full tank of fuel whenever driving in Rwanda and can keep it at half when you are yet to return the rented car in Uganda to the car rental agency in agreement with the company fuel policies. Best fuel stations in Uganda on a Self drive car rental in Rwanda are Total and shell gas stations.

Give way to Minibus taxis approaching: 
Driving in Rwanda comes with many hindrances’ and so is sharing the road with many Minibus and taxi drivers. They are always speedy, fast and sometimes reckless. The most important would be giving way to incoming and overtaking minibus vans and taxis. With this you definitely will be safe driving in Rwanda.
Never offer a lift to strangers:
 It’s polite and hearty to give lifts to people on the road but for safety with the persons is paramount. Please avoid giving lifts to strangers you meet along the way. Some maybe criminal minded persons and in cases of unfortunates, you take full responsibility. We understand you would like to help but we would also like to keep you safe on the road with a Self drive car rental from Rent a car Rwanda.
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