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Budget for your Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental trip

Budget for your Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental trip while in the land of 1000 hills, it is important to consider the following things to have the trip to the best of your expectations.

Cost of Self drive car rental during your safari in Rwanda.

You will need to budget and plan transport to and from your intended destinations. If your minimum days to your tour destination by road is three days on average, you will need to budget for three days. The first day is for driving from Kigali airport to your destination and the next day is for moving around the Parks. You need a Vehicle to transfer you to and from the starting point of your gorilla trek and the third day is to drive back to the airport. You will need to budget for a car rental on self drive or with a driver guide per day and then fuel to cater for the long distance from Kigali Airport to and from your tour destination. You can always contact us Rent a Car Rwanda for more information.

After confirming your Car rental,  booking of Gorilla and Chimpanzee Permits on time

To stay on budget, your number one item after hiring a car should be a gorilla or chimpanzee permit in case that’s your travel purpose. It’s a gorilla or chimpanzee permit that gives one permission to view the endangered mountain gorillas or chimpanzees for one hour per person in Rwanda. A trip to Rwanda is more than what you expect when you go gorilla or chimpanzee trekking. Rwanda gorilla permits are currently up to US$ 1500.

We help our clients to book Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking permits from Rwanda Development Board. It is wise to do the booking of permits in advance between 3-5 months to avoid shortages most especially during high seasons.

Cost of the safari Lodge/ Hotel on your trip to Rwanda

You will have to budget for your accommodation for at least two nights for your trip to Rwanda. The first night is when you arrive at a national park and the second night is after your gorilla trek. It is possible to trek gorillas/chimpanzees and depart the park on the same day but it is advisable that you plan to stay an extra night as you will never tell whether your gorilla trek will take a shorter time or a long one. You, therefore, need night after your gorilla trekking. Most accommodation properties offer accommodation and meals on full board. Depending on the type of accommodation, national parks have budget-friendly, mid-range, and upmarket properties categories you can choose from depending on your taste. We are always more than willing to help so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Porters and Helpers

We encourage all our clients to take porters for their gorilla trek for several reasons. They carry your bags and when you are approaching gorillas, they will remain with your packed lunches and all items that you might not need. They will give you a push or a pull during your trek in the forest. This extra effort is to enable you to achieve your dream of viewing these endangered mountain gorillas. The other significance of taking a porter is that by doing so, you are contributing to community development since most of these porters are school going boys and girls and this chance was only given to students to work and get money for their school fees. By paying for a porter, you are contributing to community development indirectly


Tips are an appreciation of good service rendered to you by your safari guide, gorilla trekking guide, waiters and porters. It’s not a must that you have to do this. As a responsible Tour Company, we recommend that you put some small funds aside for tipping.

Rent a Car Rwanda Service fees

While you Budget for your Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental trip, put in mind that rent a Car Rwanda will charge you 10-20% of the total cost as fixing or service fee in case we are to help run your safari, eg Gorilla permit booking, arranging accommodation and planning your Itinerary. This is part of our profit as well as helping us in making telephone calls to check availability and make sure that all is in order.

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