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How to maintain a rental car in a good condition.

Are you planning to rent a car in Rwanda? You wondering how to maintain a rental car in a good condition? Or even where to start from to Rent a car in Rwanda?

Rent a car Rwanda is not the only company for renting cars in Rwanda but its one of the BEST in Rwanda. Before you plan for a tour to Rwanda, you must first consider what is required for driving a vehicle in Rwanda and then later how you will maintain a rental car in good condition. For three months, you can drive on an EU photo licence. Above all that, an International Driving permit would also be useful to have. On how to acquire one, check your Government’s website.

For those willing to go for a self drive, get ready to drive on the main roads of the cleanest country in Africa. Away from Kigali city, the secondary roads are of red soils that deteriorate after heavy rains. These roads can be passable using 4WD vehicles which we also rent. Safety matters therefore, ensure the car you have rented contains the important equipment’s for any emergency such as;- a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle and reflective vest.

How to maintain a rental car in a good condition

To maintain a rental car in a good condition in Rwanda you have to follow the rules and guidelines for driving;-

  • Avoid traveling late in the night because the Street lights are poor and in some areas they don’t exist. Also, the continuous pedestrians and wandering animals. At times, their are careless drivers on the road and be over taking.
  • Respect the pedestrians’ path since majority of the people in Rwanda move long distances on foot.
  • The minimum driving age is 18 years, this is because at this age you considered to be an adult in Rwanda.
  • Avoid driving while drunk or drinking the strong beers because you jailed for 24 hours. Most roads in Rwanda have random breath testing police.
  • Ensure all your car occupants wear seat belts. This protects you from big damages in case of an accident. Therefore, its advisable to rent our cars because they all have airbags.
  • Maintain your speed limit especially in town due to traffic jam of about 40 km/h (25 mph).
  • We know its hard to control phone calls, but for your safety cell phones prohibited while driving unless it’s hands-free.
  • As its well said above, ensure you move with all necessary documents ans remember for a visitor, its a foreign country. It’s because police may stop any vehicle and search for the car and luggage.

Learn more about how to maintain a rental car in a good condition by contacting us.

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