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Kings Palace Museum has been ignored by many travellers to Rwanda but don’t fall in the same category cause there’s a lot to know and learn. It is situated on hill 2km southwest of town, Kigali which takes about 2 ½ hours. The reconstructed royal residence of the King reflects a lot about Rwanda dances and cultural activities. The new looks of King’s Palace only made it more attractive to many visitors. It’s a crafted thatched beehive-shaped house. It was built in 1989 for King Mutara II, its presence and the tourists have encouraged many young ones to participate, motivated them to be proud of their culture.

At the museum, a private guide will accompany from start to the end as he explains more details about the museum and why the royal beer brewer’s hut had an entrance without a lid. In the end, you have what to tell about Rwanda’s culture and tradition. In former years, Nyanza was a site of battles and power struggles against enemies.

The kingdom had about 2,000 inhabitants and huts built that resembled with the fascinating art hand paintings.

Inyambo (sacred cows)

These are long-horned cows that were highly treasured and decorated with expensive Jewelry. Keepers had to sing for them as a sign of respect for their culture. When this cow has reached one year of age,

It was sent to the king’s palace for training by a competent cow keeper. It was taught to listen to the trainees and follow movements. The songs included “amahamba” and “amazina y’inka”.  Visitors are attracted to these cows because of their long horns which are compared to the ivory tusks of the elephant.

From the visit to Kings Palace Museum, its advisable to have additional activity at nearby Ethnographic Museum to make a complete tour.

Closed days for Museum 

The Kings Palace Museum is open to the public however, it’s closed on Umuganda Day for general cleaning for both nationals and non-nationals. Also on 7th April, for Genocide Memorial Day to reflect respect for the victims.

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