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What to Look for when Choosing Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental

What to Look for When Choosing Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental

What to Look for when Choosing Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental

Self Drive Car Rental is the trend of late when it comes to Car Rental in Rwanda, unlike way back  when Car rental clients looked to hire cars with chauffeur.  Its obvious that Rwanda Self drive comes with convenience and comfort as one takes all the time he needs to explore Rwanda given the flexibility to plan for your travel.

Rwanda Self drive car renal business has gone beyond Kigali as there are very many companies offering these services to people traveling within Rwanda. The market has become as competitive as they are companies offering these services at relatively cheaper prices to out muscle the already famous companies. However some companies may have very attractive prices but they offer substandard services so one has to be careful when choosing the self drive car rental service.

Rwanda Car rental companies have websites where you can compare and contrast for the best company for self drive in Rwanda. Here are some of the things you have to check for

The choice of the Self Drive Car Rental is so important.

Various companies have different type of cars to offer to their customers and most companies will stick to using an SUVs and sedan car as the best travelling option but do not get carried it is just a selling language. Always choose a car that fits your bill for example select a compact car if it can do the same job like any other expensive car.

Check the insurance coverage of your Self Drive Car Rental for the car hire. This is done to protect you from the incurring more cost in case of any accident and damages. When the car is not insured against third party, it is prone to getting traffic penalties if caught by the traffic police. It is illegal to drive a car in Rwanda without third party insurance.What to Look for When Choosing Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental

Check the fuel usage of your Self Drive Car Rental as some companies give vehicles to their customers when they are fully fuelled or partially. So before you drive the car check the fuel gauge to know the amount of fuel in the car and you should return the vehicle with the exact amount as you took it.

Always read the customer reviews that are found the company’s websites. The reviews will give an insight what kind of services the car hire agency offer to their customers. With the positive reviews you can know that the company has a good reputable and good reputation come with better services.

Check the liability clause in the Self Drive Car Rental agreement. Try to find what damages are you supposed to pay for incase of any damages and also make sure that the liability clause is favorable to you as you do not have to pay a lot of money for the damages and the car must be insured for some huge damages like car crush and  car theft

Updated: September 9, 2018 — 9:56 am
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