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Rwanda Covid 19 Update

Here is Rwanda Covid 19 Update. Rwanda is reporting 35 new cases of COVID-19 per day as of May 28, down from over 300 recorded in April.

COVID-19 vaccination has been curried out to over 1.6% of the population of 12.7 million people.
The government has allowed Tourism as well as car rental business to remain operational.

Schools and universities have reopened, though hand-washing and social distancing are still mandated.

Restaurants, public transport, churches public offices, and private businesses have resumed operation as well, at limited capacity.

Child development centers in Rwanda are open for normal program activities but are working to comply with local COVID-19 prevention guidelines, meaning in many centers they meet in shifts or outdoors. They have been able to deliver over 87,000 food packs and 728,000 hygiene kits to children and families. Additionally, they have helped over 60,000 individuals obtain medical support. Contact us to learn more about Rwanda Covid 19 Update.

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