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Rwanda One of the Best Tourism Destinations Globally

Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills is on it again. It was ranked among the best destinations in the world by Forbes, and surely this is to greatly heighten the tourism sector in the country.

With its infinite ever changing landscape, filled with thousands of hills, beautiful lakes lying in the vast valleys, unique and amazing cultures, the clean and Eco maintained town of Kigali and the stunning natural surroundings, Rwanda is definitely an ideal destination to visit in Africa.

Once again the country features in Forbes 20 best places to visit in 2020 as the fifth destination to visit. ​According to Forbes, “Rwanda in general and Kigali as the capital gateway city in particular have really come from far into stability since the genocide error 20 years ago,” as stated by Judy Stein, president of The Stein Collective, an affiliate of Ovation Travel Group.

Still on the Travel Lemming site that recognizes trending destinations and promotes emerging place to stop over tourism, Rwanda was ranked Africa’s top destination to travel to in 2020 and among the top 30 globally.

Rwanda was listed as an ideal destination because of its growing connectivity with her national carrier; Rwanda Air, her safety and conservation efforts. The fact that the country is even soon opening direct flights from New York to Kigali, 2020 is the perfect year to visit this country.

mountain karisimbiVisiting Rwanda presents outstanding opportunities to explore her capital Kigali and its amazing transformation into the most recommendable MICE destination in Africa.

This pocket size country is still a home to the endangered mountain gorillas that are only known to three countries; Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Almost a quarter of these gorillas reside in Volcanoes national park, furnishing exclusive gorilla trekking experiences.

About the country’s tourism, that’s not all. Rwanda is home to unique and exciting cultures. Several museums and cultural centers are set up to exhibit the history and traditions of Rwandans. Not being a huge multicultural country, Rwanda only has three ethnic groups; which include the Twa, Hutu and the Tutsi, and all these can be explored in a single stop cultural center like Ibyiwachu cultural center at the edge of Volcanoes National Park and the Virunga mountains.

The beautiful people of Rwanda are not only cute with the looks, but their hearts too are extraordinary. They are one of the most hospitable and kind people you will ever meet in Africa. It’s a country one can easily fit in.

It’s no wonder that the country was still ranked the third best destination in Africa in 2018 for hosting international meetings and events by the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association). Its partnership with the London based Arsenal Football Club and PSG in France was another hype for destination Rwanda.

The Chief Tourism Officer of the Rwanda Development Board attributes this success of the tourism sector to all the tourism operators and hoteliers who work tirelessly each single day to make Rwanda a unique and exciting destination to visit.

Do you want an African safari, that mixture of gorilla trekking, hiking and exploring unique cultures? The perfect solution is a Rwanda safari.

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