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Rent a Car Rwanda..your number one Self Drive car hire Partner

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Self Drive Rwanda

Self Drive Rwanda is a Package created by Rent a Car Rwanda as most clients prefer the self-drive tour in Rwanda option as it gives freedom and independence on your travels.

If you wish to explore Rwanda at your own pace and comfort, behind the wheel of your Car rental vehicle. Self drive Rwanda is the option. Rent a Car Rwanda avails the best 4×4 Car hire options in Kigali, be it the Rooftop tent Car rental, Car with chauffeur or Just a transfer services across Rwanda.

Rent a Car Rwanda was founded as just a Kigali car hire operator, and we are now proudly able to offer more than just a comprehensive car rental service, We are now a full Tour and Travel agent in Rwanda operating under the Brand name…Gorilla Adventure Tours Rwanda.

Rent a Car Rwanda  is your one-stop wheel Self Drive Rwanda partner promising you outstanding service from a passionate team of travel experts dedicated to you.
Our service includes a reliable Car hire service in Rwanda, accommodation booking, and gorilla permit reservation.We are always available and willing to assist you during your planning phase. Contact Us today! Best price guaranteed.

Self Drive Rwanda Car Rates

Car Fleet Type            Carrying Capacity High Season Low Season
Rav4 2 Door 2 Pax  

US $68

US $65
Rav4 4 Doors 4 Pax US $70 US $68
Land cruiser TZ /Prado 5 Pax US $130 US $120
Land cruiser Extended 8 Pax US $240 US $220


Self Drive Rwanda package has the Unlimited millage offer with no restrictions on the driving time .

Self Drive Rwanda option also allows any party to drive the car at no extra fee as long as they all have valid driving licenses and also party to the rental agreement.

Below are some of the vehicles on the Self Drive Rwanda  package.


Self Drive Rwanda -Toyota Rav4

The Toyota RAV4 is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) rented for Self drive Rwanda, full time 4×4, with Ac , Manual and automatic depending on the travelers interest & needs .
Toyota Rav4 are Economic in terms of fuel consumption. The vehicle is designed for consumers wanting a vehicle with most of the benefits of SUVs, such as higher visibility and the option of full-time four-wheel drive. Our Rav4 fleets rang from Model 2001, 2003 to 2015.

The Toyota RAV4 can be either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, Either 4 Door or 3 Door. 4 Door has the carrying capacity of 4 Pax including the driver plus space for Camping Gears.

Self drive safarisSelf drive RwandaSelf drive Rwanda

Self Drive Toyota Land cruiser

Rent a Car Rwanda offers first hand land cruisers for Self Drive Rwanda, The Land cruisers are strong 4×4 Vehicles and are reliable with enough spacious  leg room compared to the Toyota rav4, The Land cruiser offered ranging from 2013 to 2018 with the carrying capacity of 4-8 Paxs depending on the travellers interests and the Amount Charged.

Self drive Tours RwandaRwanda Self DriveLand cruiser GX Rwanda

Self Drive Rwanda – Safari Land cruiser

The Safari Land cruiser is a luxurious, 4×4  land cruiser customized for Safaris with the rooftop suitable for game drives in national Parks like Volcanoes National Park , Akagera National Park for ultimate Rwanda Safari Holidays.

This Safari land cruiser has the carrying capacity of 5-8 Paxs ,Manual and 4×4 Stick for applying it,top up roof for game Drives ,they normally don’t have Air condition and a driver may be added on the Request.

Self Drive car rental RwandaSelf drive safaris RwandaSelf drive safari Tours

Land cruiser Prado TZ & TX, TXl, VXl

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a medium sized four-wheel drive vehicle in the Toyota Land Cruiser collection imported from Japan. The land cruiser Prado are reliable car fleets offered by Rent a Car Rwanda and they always have the following specifications , Carrying capacity is 5Paxs, Air Conditions, Sun Roof, ABS & Radio system for listening to cool Music from the flash or iPhone, Air Bags,4×4, Automatic. These Fleets range from model 1998-2004. Fuel consumption is either diesel or Petrol. Check Photos Below

Self Drive RwandaSelf Drive RwandaSelf drive Rwanda-Tours

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