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Can you return a Rwanda rental car in a different location?

Looking to rent a Rwanda rental car in a location and return it to a different within Rwanda? Planning on renting a car with us and returning the car in another country? Here’s what you need to know! Renting a car in Rwanda and making sure you enjoy everything Rwanda has to offer  is always […]

Mount Bisoke for Hikers

Mount Bisoke is among the peaks of the Virunga mountain ranges found along the border of Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Mount Bisoke (Visoke) is a dormant volcano with a crater lake on its top, located besides the Parc National de Vulcans in Ruhengeri, Northern Province of Rwanda. To hike mount Bisoke requires one […]

Lake Ihema in Rwanda

Though Rwanda is a small country, it still emerges among the most beautiful countries in the world. The thousand hills, orderly and exciting capital, first rate views and the vast ecosystems all just make this small country tamely exclusive. Lake Ihema is the largest lake in Akagera National Park. Being famously known for its huge […]

Rwanda One of the Best Tourism Destinations Globally

Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills is on it again. It was ranked among the best destinations in the world by Forbes, and surely this is to greatly heighten the tourism sector in the country. With its infinite ever changing landscape, filled with thousands of hills, beautiful lakes lying in the vast valleys, unique […]

Culture in Rwanda

Located in central region of Africa, Rwanda is a land locked country that borders Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the east and Burundi in the west. Rwanda is splinted into three tribal groups which are the Hutu (dominate), Tutsi and Twa people. Learn about Culture in Rwanda. […]

Traveling to Rwanda during Covid-19

Traveling to Rwanda during Covid-19 is a very confusing time, but it doesn’t have to be. Rent a car Rwanda has created this covid-19 travel guides and resources so you’re able to navigate through all the uncertainty. How To Travel During Covid → Check the entry requirements of  Rwanda as you plan your visit visit […]

Rwanda reopens for tourism

Rwanda reopens for tourism. Rwanda has officially reopened for tourism as of June 17, 2020 and is allowing tourists from all countries to visit. Rwanda, a gorgeous country located in east-central Africa, has seen an increase in international tourism over the past few years, up to about 15% of the country’s total GDP. Local government […]

How to maintain a rental car in a good condition.

Are you planning to rent a car in Rwanda? You wondering how to maintain a rental car in a good condition? Or even where to start from to Rent a car in Rwanda? Rent a car Rwanda is not the only company for renting cars in Rwanda but its one of the BEST in Rwanda. […]

Why Rent a Car Rwanda

Rwanda has become one of Africa’s top tourist hubs luring travelers looking for leisure, park safari adventures or business. But if you want travel around safely, comfortably and get where you are going on time , then you need to consider booking private transportation with a travel agency. However you have be very careful when […]

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